Fundecompe was born from a professionals’ group idealized in the support of production processes, and the improvement and skills’ qualification of people in different population groups, whether they are young people or vulnerable groups.

It’s a non-profit entity that for 10 years has tended to improve the business sector in general and the solidarity economy sector in particular, for this reason it’s accredited by the Special Administrative Unit for Solidarity Economy – UAEOS for the creation and solidarity organizations’ strengthening, through the development of various projects of this nature.

Fundecompe has developed projects in: Quindío, Risaralda, Boyacá, Valle del Cauca, Nariño, Atlántico, Caldas, Meta.

Alianzas con sector solidario


Educaion ambiental


Contribute to improving the life’s quality of the interest intervened organizations’ groups through the development of applied management methodologies and techniques to increase competitiveness.


To be an organization recognized at the regional level in 2020, for the design and implementation of business, environmental and social development models, based on productivity and competitiveness.

Historia Fundecompu

Goals and objectives

To improve people’s quality life

Contribute to the planet’s sustainable development



In the development of new economic and social alternatives

In commitments to society

In rights and duties

fundecompe conferencia uno


In establishing relationships

In resource management

Responding to the community


In the achievement of projects

In search of excellence

In social and environmental management

Potencias cooperativismo


Cooperation for the sustainable development

Education, training and information for the community

Autonomy and independence


Through the documentation you’ll see below this text, you can download the documents pertaining to the special tax regime that belong to Fundecompe:

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